Stainless Steel Water Bottles

There certainly are water bottles everywhere! Everywhere from your favorite outdoors department to the local dollar store, you will find an array of water bottle choices. The question is, "Which water bottle should I choose?" The answer varies depending on your taste and needs in a water bottle, but there is one factor you should always consider – buying stainless steel! The following information will show you why stainless steel is the way to go, and provide you some tips in choosing your water bottle.

We can all agree that saving the environment should be one of our top priorities. No act should be considered unnecessary or too small. Any effort you make towards helping the environment matters, even down to what water bottle you choose.

It is common knowledge that stainless steel water bottles are the best choice in order to help the environment as well as yourself. The worst type of water bottle are the plastic bottles. These are typically made of polyethylene terephthalate plastic. If left out in the sun or repeatedly used, these bottles can leak chemicals. Bacteria can easily grow in these bottles, further risking your own health. The risk to the environment, of course, is that people discard of them improperly and often after only one use.

Aluminum is better because it does not leak chemicals, however it does not compare to the durability of stainless steel. Stainless steel water bottles are resistant to cracks, thus prevent bacteria from getting inside.

The question now is, what is the best stainless steel water bottles? The answer depends on your needs, and what the "best" means to you. However, in most areas, Klean Kanteen is the best choice. It is the number one pick for colored bottle, as there are a variety of choices. It also has several size options. The 18 ounce option is suitable for those who bring water to work, while the 27 ounce option is the best choice for day trips or times when you will be outside for awhile. Needless to say, the 40 ounce option is best for those who need a lot of water. On the other side of the spectrum are 12 ounce sizes which are suitable for children who do not need as much water.

What about a wide-mouth bottle? Once again, Klean Kanteen has the best rating for a wide-mouthed bottle. This is good for those who want to fill their water bottle with ice quickly, or just prefer a larger bottle top.

Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Let us depart for a moment from Klean Kanteen to inform you of the best insulated water bottle. The Camelbak .5 liter bottle wins in this category. This is certainly a good selling point and something you may want to consider before making your purchase. Your ice will not melt for awhile with this bottle!

What about a bottle on a budget? Don't want to spend too much but still want the quality of stainless steel? Choose Liquid Logic. The cost wont hurt your pocket and you can be sure you are still getting a good product.

You really cannot go wrong with any of these brands, or any type of stainless steel water bottle for that matter! The choice simply depends on your preference. As long as you are using one, you are doing your part to help the environment and your own health! Champion Portable Toilets Evansville IN

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